15 Years LCD Supplier

Nicemood-Tech has his own delivery department——LXT, which includes Air freight like DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT Worldwide Delivery and etc, also provide Sea freight to help our customers deliver volume cargo.

In order to serve our customers in best way and provide them the fastest and safe delivery, help them solve the delivery or Custom problem, we set up LXT to start our own delivery service in 2007 to provide them faster, safer and cheaper delivery services, which means Nicemood not only supply and guarantee the lcd phone parts quality, but also help our customers deliver the goods directly by our own delivery department.
Worldwide Delivery
LXT help you deliver everywhere you need.
Solve your Custom Problem
LXT provide best way delivery for Strict Custom Countries.
Best quality goods with best delivery services.
Nicemood-Tech provide everything best to you, OC Team and LXT delivery help you take care all your importation.
All your goods can be delivered by LXT
We not only deliver LCDs which customers import from us, also all your packages in China we can help you deliver together.
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